Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And So It Begins

The Word for the day: Wordsmith

word·smith [wurd-smith] –noun
1. an expert in the use of words.
2. a person, as a journalist or novelist, whose vocation is writing.

I’ve always been a lover of the printed word. When I was little I could always be found curled up with a book and my dream was to become a published author. During college and into my early twenties, I pursued the dream. I wrote children’s stories and submitted them only to be rejected, over and over again. Finally, I put away my carbon paper and typewriter (yes, I said carbon paper and typewriter) and got busy doing other things.

I spent over twenty years filling every waking hour with parenting, volunteering, teaching, and socializing but deep down inside the desire to create something worthy of sharing with others remained. Most of my time was spent teaching math which was at the opposite pole from writing, but occasionally, an opportunity to use my creativity would emerge: a yearly Christmas letter, my childrens’ early 4-H speeches, teaching a yearbook writing class, editing for other people. The spark never died. It laid smoldering like burning embers banked on a winter’s eve.

Well the time has come! With the ease of blogging anyone can be an author these days. And I’ve decided, it’s never too late, so today is the day I start recording my thoughts. My mother, who turns 81 this year, recently lamented the fact she did not keep a journal and she wishes she had. It’s just that as time passes, we remember the big events but we forget the details…and I, like my mother, don’t want to forget. So there you have it folks, Renee’ Smith is a self-proclaimed wordsmith. I plan to share “the word” with all those who care to read.